“We knew we wanted a school large enough to offer a varied curriculum and extracurricular activities, but small enough that the staff would really know the kids. We prayed the school would have high academic and moral standards to prepare our children for college and life. When we found Union, we knew this was the answer to prayers.”

— Brian & Johnna Goodman, Parents

“One of my favorite things about Union is the family atmosphere. The teachers are always there for you and everyone is so close. I love the mentoring opportunities because of the friendships I have with the younger students. I’m very thankful that God has put me at Union and there is no other place I’d rather be!”

— Katie Miller, High School Student

“Union has been exactly what our children needed for their education. The class sizes, as well as teacher interaction, has been a blessing from God. My oldest graduated from Union, having started in 2nd grade, and she has done exceptionally well in college. We have never looked back or thought twice about our decision."

— Cedra Flake, Union Parent